About Kristine Cline

– Owner, RMT, Dipl. Fitness Leadership

Red Deer has been called home for Kristine since 2008, and is the community her family has grown to love. Kristine first moved here with a diploma in a program called Fitness Leadership and used those credentials to gain experience working as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Once her family was complete by adding two boys to the mix, she was hired on at a busy multi disciplinary physiotherapy clinic where she worked as an exercise therapist/clinic assistant. There she learned a great deal about the rehabilitation setting and after 4.5 years in that role decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy.

In 2017, Kristine graduated with honours from the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy with the Advance Therapeutic Massage Diploma. Completion of this program gives her the credentials of a Registered Massage Therapist. As she continues to gain knowledge and new educational courses are becoming available to massage therapist, she is focused on providing massage modalities that can greatly benefit individuals who are undergoing cancer treatments as well as those who might struggle with compromised immune systems.

In her spare time, Kristine has always been a fan of outdoor activities. She enjoys going on walks, hiking, camping, downhill skiing and mostly working in her garden. She is also a huge Nascar fan and loves to watch the races whenever she can.

Kristine is passionate about helping people return to their daily activities after injury or illness and will work with individuals until the best results are achieved.

Kristine Cline

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Our focus is exceptional customer service/patient satisfaction.


Locally owned and operated business that provides massage therapy services to the wonderful community.


Many years of experience providing comfort care has been shown to reduce symptoms and increase functionality.


We strive to obtain a clean and safe environment where healthy and medically frail people can come for treatment.


Our team is committed to excellence in providing a wide range of complementary therapy services.


Working with Registered Massage Therapists who have completed specialized training,


Our friendly staff and accommodating hours and are an essential part of our long-standing success.

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Does Massage Therapy Spread Cancer?

While it is a complete contraindication to massage and apply pressure to a cancerous tumour, there definitely is more to a person then a just a tumour. Physiologically speaking,  cancer cells are the result of genetic malformations or mutations of a cell that no longer function as it was originally intended to. It is these mutations and genetic instructions that may cause the cancer cells to metastasize (spread from the original site to another), not by how much pressure is placed on the body. As it has been shown that metastasis occurs due to biochemical forces and can happen even if the patient is involved in sedentary activities, denying gentle massage seems to be an old school way of thinking. Light body work by a massage therapist is better compared to as going for an easy stroll or light physical activity. With increased circulation, calming of stress levels, reduction in tense muscles and improved mood, the benefits of regular massage therapy are proving to be more beneficial then harmful. As technology and research in the field of massage therapy and cancer patients grows and evolves, it is definitely a service that should no longer be feared but embraced.

What is a complementary Medicine?

Complementary medicine is a group therapeutic disciplines that are used together with mainstream medicine.  The main focus of these services is to reduce some of the unfavourable side effects of certain treatments and improve the quality of life for the patient. A few complementary medicines that are gaining popularity to help cancer patients manage anxiety, stress, nausea, fatigue, depression and some cancer related pain are listed below:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Raindrop Therapy & Essential oils

Remember that complementary therapies do not claim to cure cancer, rather they help to manage symptoms and help restore a feeling of well being. Always check with your physician to see if any of these therapies are right for you!